Meet the team

Duff webpage

Professor Duff Bruce

Duff will be one of the first people you see at your assessment, he is one of our surgeons who will carry out your operation and will be on hand for all of your follow-up. Duff is one of Scotland’s leading weight loss surgeons

Liz website

Elizabeth Bruce

Elizabeth is the heart and soul of The Private Surgeon.  As our Patient Coordinator she will be your first port of call for any help or information. A trained  nurse, Liz now manages The Private Surgeon and will help to guide you through all aspects of your journey

Glynis webpage

Glynis Leslie

Glynis is The Private Surgeon’s Secretary and Book keeper.  She looks after all the paperwork and bills and deals with all our invoices


Lene CHP

Dr Lene Forrester

Lene is our expert in psychological assessment. She will help you to understand more about the changes you may need to make and will also, importantly, make sure that you are really ready for the operation

Dr Wendy Ross

Wendy is our scrub practitioner.  She helps with many of our operations and you may well meet her when you are in hospital.  She is the steady hand that holds the camera during your surgery

Dr Jamie MacDonald

Jamie is one of our anaesthetists.  He joined us 5 years ago and is also an expert in cardiac bypass anaesthesia.  So, your heart  is in safe hands

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