Revisional Surgery

What is it?

For a number of reasons, some patients require surgical attention to their previous bariatric surgery (eg repair of a gastric band) or a change of the type of surgery (eg conversion of a vertical banded gastroplasty to a gastric bypass).  These are all termed “revisional” surgery.

What does the surgery involve?

These operations are more complex than initial procedures.  The majority are still undertaken by keyhole (laparoscopic) techniques but there is a higher chance of requiring a traditional operation.  There are many types of revision and procedures.

How well will I do?

Because of the variety of procedures, outcomes vary.  Your surgeon will be discuss this with you in detail, as well as any risks, during your assessment.

What is my recovery like?

Recovery is usually similar to initial procedures but you should ask your surgeon for individual questions about your recuperation.

Packages and prices

Revisional bariatric surgery packages are offered in partnership with BMI Healthcare.  The BMI Healthcare website should be consulted for any price or package changes and the following is a description at the time of writing only.  The package price includes consultation with the dietitian and surgeon, pre-assessment and anaesthetic assessment, the procedure and associated hospital stay, the management of any problems in the first 30 days after the procedure and regular consultations with the dietitian and surgeon after the procedure.  The follow-up package lasts for one year.

  1. Initial BMI Healthcare Bariatric Enquiry Centre appointment with dietitian £50
  2. Psychology assessment £220

Revisional bariatric surgery prices depend on the nature of the procedure being undertaken.  Prices may be adjusted on an individual basis following discussion between your surgeon and BMI Healthcare.

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